Loading Kilranthi Saga on XP SP 3 Pro

I had to enable compatability to load up the first disk with I, II and III for K Saga..but..i am wondering what the other four disks are for? It said it installed I, II and III from just the first disk. Can anyone explain how it works? thanks

IV would not install yet, i will try compat....but wanted to ask about the disks first.


and are there upgraded movies or other patches to add ?

I have Windows XP SP 3 Pro running with an FX 9600 Card...
The movies are stored on the disks. As you progress through the story you will have to swap disks.
ah ha, i thought that might be the case, just wanted to be sure.

I finally was able to afford K Saga and now i have the complete set as I was able to find WC IV complete with all the disks, the DOS version sadly....i will have to look into the running of it on my XP system..., and Prophecy, and I had Privateer and The Darkening Deluxe Edition...and Academy..which I have never tried, and Secret Ops.

This is going to be exciting, as I wanted to wait until I had the complete series until I did a full play thru.

Any patches to add to KS?

And is there any reason to use the Gemini Gold remake ? i have it but did not know if it was canon or not.
basically the DDHack just fixes the graphics bugs that appear in win7 (mixed legacy support i think), it also adds a few smoothing filter options, because they 'came with the patch' to quote Sol, but nothing special in that area.
So if it runs okay in xp then you lose nothing important. Looks like MinceMeats patch is an interesting fix, is the directsound needed in xp though? (i've never had any problems with running unpatched KS on my xp systems).