Let's discuss Jump physics.


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I'm trying to figure out the different types of jumps in the WC Universe The jump points are accessed through buoys correct? Or are they simply mapping the point so they can find the area with the right spacial conditions?

And if it's just based on spacial conditions and not the buoys themselves is it ever said what the best conditions for a jump point are? I know that the cats mask jumps with a cloak, but did any jump points ever collapse.

What I was also wondering, were the Buoy's coded to only respond to a confed transmissions?

I was a big fan of the Pegasus Navcom is it something that can be applied to the universe as a whole instead of just the movie universe?

and last, I think there was a rare jump that was made near a dying star during an episode of WCA but I can't remember which one that was. Am I misremembering that?



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There have actually been several threads like this over the years. I believe last year there was actually a pretty good one if you do a search for jump points.


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Very detailed as always here. The buoy info seems a little bit vague, but I assume that's because information may be vague in the universe lore.

Very helpful, thanks blaster and Dund.


P.S. Has anyone watched The Universe series on history channel? There was a show on wormholes and that's what peaked my interest about the jumps for the WC universe.


I caught bits and pieces of the Wormhole one. It's sort of mind boggling that some of the stuff on History can be so amazing, but then there are shows that are just Arcane and out there.

At the same time theres always that part of 'The Universe' where they add the "This could kill you" line. gets old.