Lens Flare and D3D Files for WC Prophecy Gold


Hi, I installed the Lens Flare file and there are lines criss-crossing thru the flares and a line above and to the side of every flare. Is this normal, cause it doesn't look right...(I have a viper 550)...What does the D3D files do? I was going to install the full D3D file, but it changes the registry. So, I don't want to do that intill I know exactly what it does....please help! thanks!........Raid
Hmm... The Viper 550 is based on the TNT chipset, right?

For some reason, the TNT (including 2 and 2U) chipset doesn't handle lens flare all that terribly well.

As for the D3D, that's for manually installing the game if the automatic install from setup.exe doesn't work. If you've installed things ok, you don't need it.

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Death, thanks for the help......yeah, the viper 550 is a tnt card by Diamond........I've played other games that the lens flare was fine.....It's been awhile but I believe X-Wing Alliance for one......I had no prob with install so no need for d3d file....thanks again...

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