Learning About the Bray Twins’ Real Life Counterparts (March 18, 2024)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!

Thanks for the background, friends. Of course, I was curious for Wing Commander-related reasons. Specifically, I was fascinated to see the names of the Kray twins because... of Privateer 2's Bray twins:

Reggie Bray is the guy who is selling Uncle Kashumai's religious artifact. For that mission you have to look up their bio in the database and then find their business partner.

There's also a Joe scene where he warns you to look out for the Brays. And you kind of have to wonder: why, since Reggie isn't any particular threat in the auction scene. And heck, why are there two of them anyway? Is it just for the (unknown to me until last night!) joke?

In fact, it's a case of cut content! In the shooting script we see that the Brays were supposed to be the enemies in the Tamessa Ames cinematic mission and that Ronnie (the muscle, as in real life apparently!) was then supposed to continue trying to hunt you down.

All of the unique NPC encounters with conversations were dropped during development... but it happened late enough that you can still find the VDU graphics for both Brays in the game's files!

Reggie Bray was played by British actor Tim Pearce who unfortunately passed away in 2017. I don't believe they recorded any audio for his brother but they do just double up his photo from the Uncle Kashumai cutscene for the in-game database. I guess they are twins!

If you find the whole story intriguing and would like to know more, Tom Hardy starred as the Krays in 2015's movie Legend. And I guess the last time Tom Hardy played an identical twin he had Seether’s knife.

Original update published on March 18, 2024