Learn All About Privateer's Cash Code (June 19, 2019)


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Trelane, the hard-working producer of All Wings Considered, has put together a neat video explaining how the credits system works in Wing Commander Privateer. He recently developed a good working understanding of the code behind Privateer's currency system while putting together the on-stream counter that displays while the team plays Privateer. I thought I knew a thing or two about binary numbers, but I learned a bunch while watching this! Have you ever wondered if you can get fewer than zero credits? What's the maximum number that you can accrue in your account? Watch the video to find out!

Just how many credits can you get in Privateer? Just how few credits can you have in Privateer? Yes! Both!
Original update published on June 19, 2019


Cool video, thanks for uploading!

Was the game operating normally when you had negative credits? Did it let you land with negative account balance?
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