Latest game addictions?


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Lately, I've been strolling down memory lane... and it has gotten me hooked on the oldtime games Uninvited and Out Of This World. So it makes me wonder...

what are your latest game addictions? what games can you just NOT put down right now?
I'm not a big game kind of guy. I mostly just play WC for its story. Without that, I probably never would have stuck with the series for the past five years.

But... I have been playing Mortal Kombat: Trilogy like mad these past few months (basically because that's the only MK game I own... if I had others, I'd be into those). I've even managed to beat Kahn a couple... dozen times. Pretty cool, even though the A.I. sucks.
Metal Gear Solid 2: Songs of Liberty. best action game for any system ever (well my opinion)

Its a thinkers game, not just pointless killin, its about evasive tactics
Well I've been playing a lot of Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun lately. I quite like the atmosphere.

Hey Dralthi5 about MKT, did you notice the game speeding up a bit when you reached Kahn's level?
I dunno. Kahn's just one fast mofo. But apparently not as fast as Noob Saibot. I can kick Kahn's ass with him every time and get nary a scratch.
I can only beat Kahn with Noob and Kintaro. With Noob I just use his paralysis attack to immobilize him. With Kintaro I use the stomp. Otherwise Kahn kicks my ass.

BTW I thought Noob was really kickass in Mortal Kombat Conquest - a silly but otherwise fun show.
I do the same thing, although I did manage to kill Kahn with Scorpion once. Don't know how I did it!

Never really saw Conquest. Wish I had.
I know I'm kinda late, but I'm playing a lot of Fallout 2 lately. Oh, and Magic Online...
Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal Of Honor: Frontline
Jedi Outcast
LAN games of UT and Warcraft 2
Deus Ex
Lately, I've been on Spider-Man and Legend of Mana, though I've also been addicted to Uninvited and Out of This World. I've also spent a great deal of time playing NHL 2000 for my PC, as well as some of the Resident Evil series. I've also been playing WC2.

As for addictions:

Out of This World
Originally posted by Dralthi5
I do the same thing, although I did manage to kill Kahn with Scorpion once. Don't know how I did it!

Never really saw Conquest. Wish I had.

I managed to win 1 round with Raiden. As for MKC don't worry - all you missed were a bunch of scantily clad women, some reasonably decent fights and Raiden telling Kung Lao he's not good enough :p


Oh yeah the last episode was a real standout - in about 40 minutes they managed to tie up all the loose ends, kill the good guys and trap Raiden In Outworld as Kahn's powerless prisoner.
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Heh... sleep MORE, TC. and don't wake up. Please.

Anyone playing any games older than 15 minutes?

I'm setting my my WC-PC right now... hope to be playing a whole mess of early 90s games in the near future (G)

I'm doing console-WCs at the moment, though... SNES SM1 and WC3 3DO and such. I spent a few weeks tracking down joysticks for all my WC consoles:

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Lately I have been into C&C RA2 Yuri's Revenge. I have also been playing Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and Black Thorn. Just started playing WC 4 for the million and first time.