Last Line of Defence


Rear Admiral
yeah.. I love what you have done with that tolmacs :D

I giggled a bit when I saw two fighters launch at once out the front.
Thx :D As I sayd - it is a Long work to launch several fighters but I could possible launch 16 fighters from the 2 Tubes.

Imagine 3 Tolmacs launching fighters - 48 fighters = 48 Script Events :D

I'm not limited to Rapiers. Tarawa loadout mix of Ferrets, Rapier and Sabre possible. WC1 Loadout - Hornet, Scimitar, Rapier. The big playes - Raptor and Broadsword not possible.

PS: F-44 Rapier A dont' work - to big wings :/
So here a WC1 Group
Exeter, Venture and a Tolmacs launching 13 Fighters - Hornets and Scimitars.
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