Last game's properties persist into new game

Weird Al

I apologise profusely if this has been raised before. It's something my brother and I have both noticed, although it's affected him more.

When you start a new game, things appear to not be reset from the old one. These are such things as the people flying around in space and the factions...

The main problem is the factions. This hasn't been a problem for me, but my brother has had big problems with it. Here's what happened:

He started a new game because his old was going awry. It seemed to start OK. Because he's a bit thick he decided to accept a contraband mission while still piloting a Tarsus, and he got caught. Military and Confed ships became hostile and pirates became friendly. This was not a good situation, and he couldn't get out of it.

So he started again. Things were going well, until one time he left Helen (before even getting a jump drive) and it was hostile, as well as most things in the system. When he checked the factions they'd gone back to what they'd been when he'd been caught for the contraband mission! And that was in a different game.

A similar thing also happened when he accidentally ran into the ship he was meant to be escorting. (He's not very good.) It and all other merchant and hunter ships went hostile. When he reloaded, the ships were still hostile, even though the save point was before the mission.

The problem was rectified by restarting the game. If he started a new game and then quit and reloaded, then it appeared to forget about all previous games and continue the new game as it was meant to be, which is what he's doing now.

Long post, but that appears to be a clincher.


I swear I fixed this bug long ago--maybe somehow the code got reverted before release *ugh* something that will be fixed for 1.01 though