Knights of Legend



I loved this game, I so badly wish to play it again. What platform (PC or C64) and where to buy this game? I can never find it on ebay....thanks.

I'm not familiar with emulators either so if you suggest that can you give details and specifics please?

KoL is not really that common on ebay anymore, but keep trying - or find someone who will trade or sell it.
That's not so hard: If you go to you can look at a lot of info about the DOS, C64 and AppleII version, and even find some people to trade (there's a trade/buy link - at least for the DOS version.)

As for running it - it depends what you're used to. DOSbox is a very good free DOS environment emulator which may be a bit tricky if you're not used to DOS. There are also some great C64 emus around, like CCS64 and Frodo - but if you're again not an acolyte of the breadbox, you'll have a hard time running them.
I wish the game would get a graphic update and a re-release? Who do I have to pay to make that happen?? =)

Does anyone have a digital copy of the map or know where to get one?
Have anyone got this working in DOSBox and would be willing to assist me setting it up.

I can't get it to run properly I just get the intro movie in a endless loop...

Please contact me on if you see this a long time after post but can still help. Thank you very much.