Knew GameTap was too good to be true.

This has come up in several GameTap threads, and it's not really a problem. Most internet services are rolled out country-by-country because the operating company has to deal with all sorts of different licensing restrictions, laws and business regulations.

Three months ago their site said:

GameTap is only available in the United States.

Now it says:

Currently, anyone that is a resident of the United States is eligible for service.

Expanding our service is our plan for the future. So please keep checking back with us for further updates on international eligibility.

So I don't think there's anything to worry about.

I can't wait to sign up and try Privateer on GameTap, but it's not really going to be any different from the original. Nobody here right now should be upset that they might not be able to pay $10 a month at some point in the future to play the original Privateer. For about that much, you can just go buy a copy right now and get going in DOSBox.

There's two main benefits to Privateer being on GameTap. New players will be introduced to the series and seek out new games/our community. And if the game is successful, it will motivate EA to expand the number of Wing Commander titles on the service and/or create new games.