Kilrathi ship weapons?


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Ijuin said:
Additionally, the Sabre's shield recharge rate is set to 1, while the Rapier's shield recharge rate is set to 3 (with the lower number being faster).
Hmm, that's correct - and that seems to be what I've got in my notes, as well. I must've forgotten about it. As for Standoff, I can only assume that it's got the correct recharge rates, because Eder was going by my notes rather than by what I can remember ;).


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So, will the Sabre shields in Standoff be stronger AND recharge 3 times faster than the Rapier´s?

If so, finally I´ll consider the Sabre a true heavy fighter. Those paper thin WC2 shields made it a good match for a Rapier.


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Eh, the recharge in my files is 60 for both the Rapier and the Sabre, which means we got it wrong. :p

Can anyone point me towards a ship with 3 recharge and a ship with 1 recharge as per WC2's ship editor? I gotta figure out which are the correct value for both the Rapier and the Sabre now.

PS: Which version of WC2's Sabre are we talking about here? I'm pretty sure there were 3-4 of them, and most stats weren't constant.


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I remember the fighter and the fighter-bomber version, but I think they were different only in their missile loadout. Did the shield strenght vary between Sabre versions?


All variants of the Sabre had 80 shields (vs. 115 for the Rapier) and 200/200/80/80 armor in WC2/SO1/SO2. I haven't timed it with a stopwatch or anything, but I think the Sabre's shields recharged at about ten units per second.


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Eder said:
I seem to remember that even armor strength varied between some ship's variants...
Very rarely. The only such example that I recall offhand was Maniac's Morningstar, which was well-nigh indestructible. Possibly the Super Ferret might have had better stats than the original as well, but that would be because it was newer.


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I seem to recall him ejecting more often than not...of course, I always wondered how he had another Morningstar the next mission ;)


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Well, I never checked the missions themselves, so I don't know if his special Morningstar variant was actually used - it may have been something they tried at one point or another in testing and then switched back to a normal Morningstar.

...Or it may be that even a fighter armoured like a capship isn't enough to save Maniac :p.