Kilrathi Scetch modelled


Hey Guys,

since my life is changing (for good :) ) I made a cleanup of my PC, which I will most likely not going to use a lot anymore :) But I found that baby here I made a few months back in a final attempt to going back to modelling. But I think it would be a shame to waste the model file and the time I put into it , so I decided to upload it here, maybe someone does want to use it in a mod or something. Sorry it's not textured, but creating texture files is not really my strength :) Hope you like it.

Have a good time


Here is the concept art once posted on the CIC frontpage (click to enlarge picture) :

Though in the scetch it is named a "freighter" and the concept also talks about a cargo pod, I think that according to the cockpit size this is more a heavy fighter/bomber, more like a raider as the sorthak with it's own jump drive (could fit into the massive hull) and enough weapons to make big damage. Below the cockpit are the torpedo tubes, while the wings store the antifighter missiles.

I'm still not happy with some detail and some proportions, I had especially big problems with the wings, since currently left and right are the same (also I think the hand drawn perspective in the concept art is not fully correct), so theoretically the wing should be OK. It looks good this way, but maybe more asymetric wings would also be neat. Here are the images.


Here are a few more images from other directions :

And here are the download links

Truespace (5.1) scene-file :

Truespace (5.1) Object file, cob-format :

And a *.3ds version :

Please note, Truespace is a really bitch, and it doesn't like 3ds so much. It saves them, and I can reopen it, but I cannot gurantee that it will open properly in Max or similar programs.
OMG WoW Excellent Work! I love the detail on the hardpoints ! Also I agree The wings on both of the sides look symmetrical in the concept art... ROC ON !
@ jason: probably something for Collateral Damage ;) ?

edit: could be an experimental kilrathi fighter, equivalent to the wraith once
@Triple: Sorry to say but I've run out of room for anymore fighters...Plus it's well over the 1200 poly max for models in the engine. Sorrys

But this ship does look awesome that it does ! Good job on replicating the concept art :D