Kilrathi Saga, WC4DVD etc.


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The only problems I have with KS (as far as WC1 and 2) were that in WC1 (and, I don't remember if DOS wc1 did this or not), there was a certain victory music clip that would repeat over and over, never ending. It got rather annoying. In WC2, after a while, ship readouts would start getting wierd (wouldn't show shields, or wouldn't show the ship, in the VDU), and, on occasion, engine flames would be misdisplayed. Especially around Fralthra, I've noticed.

Other than that, I've used compatibility mode to get them to run in XP without any extra problems, and all is well with the world.


I just looked up Kilrathi Saga on ebay and right now the only copy available has a running auction price of $150!! Damn. I think I'll bid for it when there is a new addition or when I'm freakin rich.


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Well, I just re-installed my KS wings 1&2 on winXP pro and it works very well, you just have to remember to reinstall direct X after KS. The game has the nasty habit of installing it's own ancient version of DirectX (i think it's 4), which may cause some problems.

My joystick, for instance, didn't work at first, but then I rememberd this oddness and promptly reinstalled DX9.0b, which cleared everything fine.


Edfilho said:
The game has the nasty habit of installing it's own ancient version of DirectX (i think it's 4), which may cause some problems.

That's odd. I remember reading that it shouldn't cause any problems.

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Yeah, I've never actually had KS overwrite DirectX on me - it tells me it's going to, but it doesn't actually launch into the DX installer (as it does when I'm setting up a fresh machine).
Hi guys,

I just posted this over in the tech forum too, but, I'm desperate. lol

KS works for me on my XP system with no problems. It's the KS version of SM1 that I can't get to work. My guess is that I'd have the same problem with SM2 and SO1&2.

I don't know what is causing it. It installs fine, and presents the second launch menu as it should and even loads the opening animation, but hitting the button to go to the start/continue screen gives a crash to desktop after flashing the start screen.

Any ideas how to fix this?


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I remember having the same problem. You must run compatibility mode on the .exe in the actual WC1 (or wc2) directory. Not on the shortcut on your desktop, or on the "ksinit" program, but actually on WC1.


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Bandit LOAF said:
I have a coil bound one... it still doesn't flatten itself enough to scan right...

Will it lay flat enough to be photographed? One could always put it on a copy stand and photograph it digitally. Not that I have a copy stand in my back pocket or anything... but I could probably find and borrow one if I looked around hard enough.


Ever since DX9.0b was introduced, other DX version which try to overwrite it would fail to do so. Yes even the ancient 2.0 couldn't over right it! If you're using DX8.1B and below......beware.........version 2.0 can overwrite it! :eek:


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I say it again - every DX version is supposed to check for newer files. So DX2 should find that all files are already in place and do nothing. In any case I never had any problems with DX after playing KS and my PC never saw DX9


i've never had any problems getting wc1, wc2, wc4 to run, just wc3, the one I really wanted to play! My joystick will not work at all... it won't calibrate, i think maybe it's a problem with xp pro and the dos version of the game? any ideas?


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I had the same problem with WC3 as well, although WC 1 and 2 worked fine. Quick question, is your joystick USB-connected? Mine was, and WC3 refused to acknowledge a joystick. If that's the case, you'll need to get a non-USB joystick, or go with a computer that has an analog connection.


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Go Start -> Control Panel -> Game Controllers -> Advanced and select your joystick as the one to be used in old games.

Should work fine then.
I wish they would re-release all the WC's in a bumper pack, wow, that would be cool, and I really want to get my hands on a WC4 DVD which is pretty much impossible in Britain