Kilrathi Saga Sound and Subtitles

Does anybody know how I can get subtitles to come up in WCII? I'm deaf and I remember having subtitles in the original DOS version if I disabled the sound effects, but I don't seem to be able to do that here. I press Ctrl-S for sound toggle but nothing happens. I just spent 130 bucks on this collection and I'd hate to think I can't enjoy it now. :(
Maybe I should clarify ... I went back in and tried the sound toggle again. Now during the regular cutscenes, I see subtitles and the speech is off. However, during the intro cutscene the speech is gone as well, but there's no subtitles!
Nobody here knows how I can stop the Speech Pack from being installed with the Kilrathi Saga version of WCII? No biggie if not. I can always try my old copy with DosBox. :)


I wish I could help... maybe by bumping this thread someone else who knows what to do will notice it. So, consider it... bumped! :)