Kilrathi Saga Fullscreen


ARRRRGGGGHHH! I finally get KS and I had it work for a few days. I had to reformat the drive and now when I play KS, the intro movie takes the screen but plays in a little 2x3 box at the top. WC3 also plays in a small window. Anybody know how I can switch them back to full screen?


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I would have thought that such games wouldn't work in a window. Have you tried pressing Alt+Enter?


Kilk'dymga'qith laq Ik'vikvi
I'd reinstall DirectX.
You migth also want to try to set the screen to 640x480x256 colors before starting KS.


In the Control Panel check out video settings in Multimedia icon. I am able to play this game with my display settings at 1024x768x32 bit. I agreed with cff reinstall directx. You should use either version 7 or 8a.

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