Kilrathi Female Model WIP

Michelle D


I hope you like it so far. I'm trying to get fur put on and then cloth on top of that.

Comments welcome. I'm looking for input on the head since I'm not that happy with what I have now.

I based the model off of the WC cut scene here from this thread

From that image I wasn't sure if she had human or cat like legs, because in the shadow it could hide the other joint making the leg appear to be human. I tested that theory in 3D and from the front view the cat leg will still appear human like.
Plus this image is enough evidence to me to make it a cat leg, even though a new conflict arises because she only has a single pair of breasts in that image.

I also gave her a tail, which is hidden behind her leg, but I'll make sure to show it off in future renders.

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It looks great so far.
Try flattening the nose and elongating the jaw to make it appear more cat-like. I think it's supposed to br more of a snout than a mouth and nose, if that makes any sense.
As for the breasts, the SM2 shot clearly shows six; in the WCP picture, the female has her arms crossed over where the other four should be. It doesn't look like she has any under her arms, but it could be that she is a younger , undeveloped female, or the Sivar Priestess in the SM2 shot is pregnant or just had a litter (I don't recall seeing any references to whether or not priestesses can mate, but it's been a while since I read Freedom Flight).
Great job so far, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished model.
Here's a better view of the Priestess from the WCP intro video...


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It's very good so far, but I think you should put the the breasts a bit closer together (vertically), make her lines harder and give her face a more feline look. Maybe make her a bit larger and stronger, more ferocious jungle catish, and give her more distinctly feline legs.

Well after a very long (45min for one frame) render, I came out with a Chewbacca :(

Hair is not something I grasp well at the moment.
Hey, that looks good!

May we see some more shots from different angles?

And don't forget: We may, or may not find it very female and/or attractive, but the reason for that is clear: We are not Kilrathi! ;)

Well the hair thing is on hold, but I did change the face a little more.
The overbite is to allow for teeth (fangs) to poke down out of the mouth.
A little sidetracking

This I made this scene, to later be expanded upon for the Female model but I put in my Kilrathi Guard for reference.



I made a little story to go with the scene. The Female Kilrathi will be protecting a human girl. Not sure if that's a little overdone in sci-fi but it makes for a good escape scene. I'll probably build a market place and set it on some kind of planet filled with outcasts where both Terran and Kilrathi live together, but not quite peacefully. Her mechanic will be Terran, and he will be working on her flying pancake, unaware she'll show up and make a hasty getaway with the girl. The females pursuers of course will detain or kill the mechanic while the female is watching as she takes off.

I'll get into more detail when I think of it.
I love the helmets on the Imperial Guard.

Intriguing story, especially given the mix of Humans and Kilrathi. Clearly not during war times, then. You really are a creative one, aren't you? Making up stories as well as rendering the scenes from them. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the story unfold.
The first thing that popped into my mind after reading your story idea is the imagery from the opening chapter of Freedom Flight where we see Hobbes interacting with a Priestess and a human female comes into the picture.

Very nice work with the guard as well.
Well here is the direction my story is heading but nothing set in stone yet.

Both humans and Kilrathi are on the same planet. The Kilrathi there are in exile and the planet is possibly near Kilrathi space. To the Kilrathi on the outside, to live by the Humans is seen more as a punishment towards the Kilrathi in exile, so the Human presence is ignored. Kilrathi on the planet keep the humans around as they can benefit from the Humanitarian aide the Humans get every so often. Not everyone on the planet has ill will towards the other.

The Kilrathi female is probably a friend of the Human girls family. Possibly births of Humans are not tolerated to keep the Human population from outnumbering the Kilrathi in Exile.

I'm trying to figure out the age of the Human girl. Too old and you wonder how her birth was kept a secret for so long. Too young and I'd have to have the girl carried instead of walking the streets on her own, draped in patchy clothing to hide her identity.

I'd like for the human girl to possibly speak Kilrathi but then I don't have a Kilrathi language reference. :(

Next I'll build some huts made from the containers used to drop off Food, etc. to the Humans.
Wow, this is very well thought out.

Thinking about Dund's comment on Hobbes, as well as your own statement that the Kilrathi in question are in exile... would it be feasible that this takes place on one of the renegade Kilrathi planets? I know Humans generally wouldn't be accepted on a Kilrathi world even if the planet had rebelled against the Empire, but then I also think of Downtown's story and how Hobbes thought of him as a son.

Just my own thoughts on the idea.

Well I got tired trying to make fur so I'm making her a pilot, wearing the FM Towns Red Flight suit.

As suggested I repositioned her breasts closer together.
I can't wait seeing her fully dressed.
Not that I mind seeing her naked, I am just curious what it will look like.
I also had to chuckle a bit because of the pink bra, but it is logical for her to wear it.

Another thing:
While I like the breasts now (missing details like the nipples but position is ok with me), I would like to point out that the feet look a bit weird.
When you look at Hobbes' shoes, I think you can see the structure they should have.
Also the legs. They look too... smooth maybe. Look at the picture of the Priestess from the WCP intro. That looks like cat legs. Maybe you could make some harder edges where the joints are.

Just my 2 ct.
Go on with her, I'm looking forward to more pictures.
Small update


hehe, I wanted to model the bra in case I decided to leave the zipper of the flight suit open, but even then you might not see it because in the FM TOWNS image it looks like the girl is wearing an undershirt as well.