Kill Count


Just a question on how UE tags the kill count. In the many times I flew the mission I noticed the Epee (Ocelot) usually got ganged up on and had to eject. So, in the last mission I used the Nav screen to select targets that were after the Epee. Both of us were hitting the target and when it started to spin out, I would cut away to find another target.

Did this lower my kill count? Cause by my count I had 38 kills, but this did not show in the UE count.


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whoever fires the shot that kills the fighter gets the kill, so you could be hammering away at a fighter and just about destroy it when someone else comes along and kills it, then they get the credit for the kill even though it was you that damaged it.


Hmmm... makes it tough to run up the kill score. Have been in the habit of cutting away to another target when the current target starts spinning out. Thinking that would prevent a tango from taking me out while concentrating on a kill. Is it just my computer or do the tangos take a long time to explode?


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Once the actual death animation spin starts the ship is already considered dead by the engine AFAIK. Shots fired at this point won't change a thing. However if you turn away one second earlier...