Just to clear things up ...

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Yes, the thing on April Fools was a joke.

No, I'm not dead.

No, Reckoning is not dead.

The reasoning behind all this is that immedietly after I posted this I had to take an urgent leave of absense for personal reasons. Hence, the rather long "joke".

Anyway, I'm back, and everything seems to be in order (thanks to everyone concerned and who was concerned).
Eh, you still beat HLP, which still hasn't fixed their forums after deleting them as an April Fools Day joke.
Next time I'll write a condolence notice, I'll make sure to shoot the coffin first....

Good to hear that the Reckoning continues.
I will admit that my heart actually skipped a beat when I read the news/joke.
I am a grown man and do not often cry... but this... might have squeezed a tear or two out of me.
I was pretty sure work was still on due to a PM from Bob so I thought I'd play along but then after that long silence with no: "This was just an april fool's joke" I was beginning to get nervous.