Just found thid... what is saga?


Just found this forum... what is saga?

I was hoping there would be a FAQ but did not see one. I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place, but I am excited to know what saga is, being a long time WC fan.


It's a Freespace 2 total conversion that's currently in production, someone else will probably pop in soon to give you the details.

Or better yet, everything you need to know is probably here http://wcsaga.solsector.net/ at Saga's homepage. Including a FAQ.

gevatter Lars

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Well lets make long things short....or better not ^_^

Wing commander Saga is a Freespace2 mod set during the WC3 timeline, but willinclude other timelines...its just that our main campain is set during that time...aproxametly.
For pictures check the Forum their you will find enough of them...we also have a Aprils-fool-demo somewhere, but its totaly outdated so I didn't recommand it.
The newer demo is in WIP and Tolwyn has also posted something official about it.

If you have some more specific question fell free to ask.