Just a friendly word of encouragement...


Hey there,

sometime last year I got the urge to play through all the WC games again after so many years. I completed WCI and WC2 and all the x-packs, and it was almost as fun as it was so long ago.

Then, when it came time to play WCIII, I found your project, and I felt that it was a nice "bridging" episode of WC indeed. I tested the prologue, and found it surprisingly good. Good enough that I wanted to play through it before WCIII. However, then I found out that the project was still in the works. "No problem" I thought, and decided to just wait for it to come out. Episode three came out, then four...but there's still episode five to come.

While you could ask me "Why not just play the episodes that are out there while waiting for part five?" Well, there's the problem. I don't want to play 4/5ths of the game and wait an indetermined amount of time for the thrilling finale, just like I wouldn't want to watch 4/5ths of an epic blockbuster movie or play 4/5ths of an anticipated commercial game. I want to fully experience it all in one go.

Well, this led to the fact that I didn't play WCIII, at all, and here we are in May 2008.

While I in no way demand anything from you fine folks who are making this mod, I understand and applaud the time you are putting into this, but I just wanted to make sure that you knew that there are probably many people like me who are waiting to play Standoff as a whole, and are witholding from playing the other episodes until then.

So, the completion of episode five will not just bring you as much recognition and support (and downloads) as any other release - it will elevate the project as a whole to a whole new level.

You'll be inducted into that hall of fame of successful long-term modders who complete a gigantic project, and are going to make a lot of people happy, including yourselves (there's nothing like the feeling of competion!)

So there, I wish you a very productive and fulfilling year 2008, and thank you for all your hard work we'll be waiting.


Unknown Enemy
Thanks, we appreciate your (incredible!) patience :). Standoff will definitely be finished this year - God willing, sooner than Christmas :p. We just need to kick ourselves back into action, that's all.

...Like, really, really kick ourselves back into action :p.