It's a Small Wing Commander World after all...


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
This weekend I made my yearly trip to New Orleans for the International Conference on World War II. It was fantastic as always. However, this year was a bit surprising. One of my good museum friends introduced me to a guy who ended up joining our rowdy group of conference goers throughout the weekend. Since it was Allan's first time, we wanted to make sure he saw that it was one of the best conferences not only because of the top quality presentations but also because of the great people (there were 612 this year which is the normal cap) that go every year.

At the final banquet, we are all seated at the same table and exchanged business cards. And that's when it happened...

"I know your name from somewhere."

"Well, I teach online for two colleges."


"Ohh, I write a lot of historical book reviews."

"No, that's not it either."

"Hmm, well the only other thing I can think of where my name would appear online is, have you ever heard of Wing Comm..."

"Powell99 from wcnews!!"

"Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!! You're shitting me!"

So this weekend, powell and I hung out and didn't realize we already knew each other until that last night. It was a pretty crazy moment.

Sorry for the bit of blur in this. It was at the end of the banquet and we'd gone through quite a few bottles of wine over the previous two hours. But had one hell of a time! Powell is on the left and I'm on the right.



Rear Admiral
That's really cool that you ran into each other like that without being at a Wing Commander event and realized it.


Vice Admiral
Powell looks an awfull lot like one of the software guys on thesame floor as my office at Lockheed.