Is there a way to fire missiles from the mouse in WC4 DVD?


I just reinstalled WC4 DVD Edition on my Windows XP desktop and forgot that they make you fire ze missiles using the enter key rather than letting you right mouse click or something.

Is there some sort of program that lets me map keyboard functions to a mouse so i can fire both missiles and guns from the mouse? I think right mouse click is normally the roll toggle so i guess it might interfere with that.

Any suggestions would be most welcome otherwise i'll just get used to hitting the enter key.

Also I realize this probably belongs in the tech support forum but i'm eager to get an answer so i can get playing!


That theoretically ought to work. Primary and secondary fire buttons together on a joystick is one of the ways to fire missiles using one. The problem with this is that holding the secondary fire button down and moving the stick changes your throttle settings. Accidentally setting your throttle to zero in the middle of a dogfight is a really irritating way to die.