Is there a Guide???


Rear Admiral
Seeing that i have yet to complete UE, i was wondering if there has been a published guide to the game. Some of the missions are really hard, and i really do want to complete UE.

Mission 10: (i think)
Escorting an Avenger to a jumpoint so it can jump to the venice system, whilst at the same time you have to fend of a large horde of Nephilim ships of all kinds before the Avenger returns from the jumpoint with another wingman. Does the Hydra (also located) have to be destroyed alongside with all Nephilim ships...or is there another way to complete this mission. How do i get past this mission...i really need some specifics...

You are supposed to get the Avenger (and Vampire IIRC) back to the Dauntless. This is TOP priority. If you can destroy the Hydra that is great, however it is NOT your primary mission goal (actually it isn't really possible at all).
In order to win the mission you have to wait for the friendlies to jump back in and THEN clear the navpoint from all enemy fighters before the first wave of squids spawn. Press 'A' ASAP and get the hell out of there. If the Squid appear you have pretty much lost, as there are infinite waves and they spawn faster then you can usually kill them. Only option is to manually run from the navpoint then (AUTOSLIDE is your friend) replaying the mission.