Ok, I was talking to this guy and before he had to go he gave me an IRC, IRQ or something like that number. Well I really want to get in touch with him but I haven't a clue as to what the hell the thing is. The number he gave he is an eight digit number. I'm downloading an IRQ program as I type (the one from CIC) because I'm assuming that's what h was talking about. Am I guessing right? Man I should have learned this crap long ago. Why didn't he just give me an e-mail address or something...

It's ok to fail. So long as you learn from your mistake
Scratch the above request. I figured it out. Isn't it amazing how quikly you can learn by just fumbleing around.
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Fumbling is so much more fun than reading the manual... I learn a lot more if I set something up and then read the manual than if I do it the other way around, just following instructions and not understanding WHY it works.


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