Invulnerability and Unlimited Ammo


I have been looking through some of the original docs for Priv and earlier WC games to get a feel for the game flow and appeal. The early WC game had a built in simulator - which was an amazing concept at the time. Apart from the missions, you could practice the combat as much as you liked - a game within a game.

Privateer did not include this feature - I am guessing that they decided that a better "game within a game" was to include the Vulnerability and Unlimited Ammo options. This gave an arcade game with trading, exploration, experimenting with ships/weapons and no time consuming death and reloads. Any time you wanted to do the missions, just go back to the real world and take your chances with the cats.

It seems to me that from a purist point of view the arcade mode (I + UA) was an intrinsic part of the Privateer game concept. An enjoyable way to get newbies sufficiently immersed in a complex game before they take on the missions. I bet that for every player that got the green gun there were 99 others who just flew around the Gemini secteor blowing things up. Thats why the game was so well liked.

Maybe this could be a split between PRGG and PRx.x? Restore (I + UA) to GG and resurrect the simulator in PR . A simulator would be a good place to try out experimental flight dynamics - different ships - modified weapons. Just a thought.