Okay I know I've asked this before but I can't remember. Whatever happened to the WC Invasion mod for Star Trek Armada? Can I still download it somewhere?
While we're on the subject, didn't the Invasion team release the ships in an easily viewable format at one point (i.e., 3ds). That would really come in handy for me.
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Discontinued I'm afraid..

Darn. I really liked that one. I thought they were close to being finished too :(.

Oh well, thanks for the link.
Well, saying here that you want them is not going to do much good :p. Your first step should probably be to ask Wildcat about them.
We did. Unfortunately I don't have them anymore. Some of the models we extracted from the games are hosted here. I'm also working on some models at the moment, if anyone wants a WC ship made for a mod or something give me a shout and I'll do it.
lol... you know I'm actually running the website :D

And you are willing to help I can always use a hand with my project:

Right now we still need good Kilrathi cap ships models. I remeber you posting some screenshots on the WCI website... Do you happen to have this models? Or any stations?

Best Regards Tolwyn
Wildcat, I'm trying to re-authorize you on my ICQ list, as I do need some models....

I am also very willing to donate a bunch of the XWA WCTC models to the WCMDF, I just need to get around to it.