Interesting E-Bay find...

Production is still going on...
So looks like it doesn't exist. Rather they'd probably manufacure it on demand if there is any. Which is still strange for such an ancient game.
No matter what they show in the picture I'd still be hesitant. . The thing is, even if it isn't a scam, are you willing to do the purchase knowing full well that the wait period will make it outside the window of time for which you have to complain to ebay about fraudulent transactions?


This Model Spacecraft is an extra stock from our bulk orders

Nobody is bulk ordering these.
I'd figure that if it's real, they'd at least mention the ship as being a tarsus. And while the model of the ship itself looks nice, I wonder who would put those ugly guns and missiles on it.
I'm always wary when i see someone sell something he doesn't even know the name of.
It seems like it was modelled after Howie's Pioneer Tarsus by the way.


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This seems fishy to me. We had a scam a couple years ago involving people selling models of Wing Commander ships on eBay. I wouldn't trust this.
When you see a photo it means someone actually paid the $200 and had one made. You do get a model--but it's not of the quality they imply (and certainly isn't overstock fro something)... and you get it after the eBay deadline so you can't rate them down. Basically they trawl the web for pictures of things (you can see they have a truly random set of WC images) and if someone bites on the auction they have someone in southeast asia carve it for you.
Oh to be clear, I don't trust it at all, I just thought it was an interesting picture. I probably should have specified that. It's fishy as all hell.