Interested in helping out?


Development of WCU is back on track after a slight bump due to spring finals and the summer break. If you're interested in helping out, reply here or head over to the WCU subforum of the Vegastrike development forums: Completing the unfinished ships is a current priority, so we're looking for modelers & texture artists but don't fret - there's always something to work on no matter where your interests or expertise may lay.


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I think that's pretty typical. I can send out 21 emails targeted to people I'm specifically requesting information from and not get any replies. :)


Well spiritplumber has been obsessively adding ships to WCU. Now it's in 'ship freeze' meaning that the focus is now on improving the existing ships and adding solar systems to play in.


Is this thread alive?

If anyone (me for example) would like to help, but is not kind of modeler, is there a way to learn what help do you guys need?

Edit: Ok, I found my answer. Have to look at the forums.