Independence Class Light Carrier (CVL)


Rear Admiral
To bad there is already a TCS Normandy. In my RPG I ended up liking the name TCS Omaha Beach, an escort carrier for my crew. The always liked telling other people that they were serving their tour on the "Beach", Yuck Yuck!!


Why stick with city names? There was already a Tallahassee class, so one would think that a majority of common city names had been used to name cruisers.

Instead of city names, why not choose a name that inspires fear in the enemy, and inspires better battle performance in a crew, such as the TCS Annhilator, TCS Devastator, TCS Predator, TCS Vengeance, that sort?

Just my two demi-credits.


Rear Admiral
TCS Devestator and the like reminds me a bit too much like the Star Destroyers of the Galactic Empire. Seeing that there are a lot of carriers with names like "Concordia," "Victory," and "Independence," it's not really in the Confederation's navy game plan to strike fear through carrier groups (the TCS Armageddon being the only one I can think about).


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Why not look at the names of ships in the US's ww2 independence class? there was definately more than 10 of those...