Incredible Dralthi Model Construction Complete (March 29, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
We are very excited to finally unveil the finished version of elend's physical Dralthi model! As you can see, it's absolutely exquisite - just a sight to behold! The detail is completely next level. All of the angels, curves, panel lines, intake serrations, tubes and more have been carefully sculpted and assembled by hand. The paint has been layered for rich dimensionality and there's even a Kilrathi pilot in the cockpit! All told, it likely took some five hundred hours to complete, and it's an amazing counterpart to the Banshee that he built a number of years back. Enjoy the pictures!

This is a scratch built Dralthi from the Wing Commander games series. More specifically, this is a reimagination by "Hangar B Productions", which I used as inspiration. I started this last year in June and basically worked daily on it, probably 2 hours on average. In hindsight I should have planned some things differently / better, but such is scratch building I guess. Scale is about 1/48-ish and the size of the finished pancake is approx. 320 x 320 mm in length / width.

Here's a sampling of photos of the nine month journey from drawing board to completion:

Original update published on March 29, 2022
This is outstanding work. Fine details make all the difference and you have them in abundance. Very well done indeed!