Improving my standing in Privateer.


Rear Admiral
Soooooo, earlier in the game I decided a great way to make money was to hunt down lone merchant ships, blow them up, steal their cargo (and pilots sometimes) and sell them off. And I was right, I made great money this way! But, of course, now everyone (but the pirates) wants to kill me. I managed to play through the entire story for Privateer with this, and now I'm in Righteous Fire, but before I do the story to that I wanna try to not have the Militia and Confed and Hunters after me at every nav point. Boy that sentence was long winded.

Anyway, my standings show that everyone but pirates and merchants, funny enough, are hostile to me. Will killing enough pirate and Kilrathi and Retros improve my standing, or am I so deep in this that I've crawled into a hole I can't crawl out of? I have never played Privateer this way before so I'm unfamiliar if there is a point of no return.

Good question. Yes, you can work your way back to everyone's good graces--you'll just have to kill a lot of pirates, retros and Kilrathi (I always found that flying a 'loop' through the two connected Kilrathi system helped.)

Edited to add: note that the factions all have opposites of sorts--so killing Kilrathi will improve your relations with Confed much more quickly than it will the Mercs or the Insys. For them, Retros and Pirates are good.

There is one other thing you can do in Righteous Fire, too. Go see your old friend Roman Lynch at Basque in the Pyranees system. If you have 200,000 credits to spare, he will hack Confed's database to make everyone (other than the Retros and the Kilrathi) neutral to you. If you finish the plot, he'll do this once for free, too.