I'm hoping you guys can tell me which WC game I'm thinking of..

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I can remember a long time ago (8 maybe 10 years? I'm not sure) playing a Wing Commander game (I was obsessed with the games back then) that I still can't figure out which one it was.

I remember specifically being able to choose which ships I wanted to combat. I think you could only choose two. The screen was split screen I believe. And both ships were controlled by the user. I remember being able to just have one ship sit there while I blasted away at with the other ship. I remember loving to fly the sho'klar(?) because it could cloak.

Can anyone tell me which game this was??? I thought it might be armada, but I recently downloaded the game again and, while there is a split screen *option*, it's only in gauntlet mode where two ships are fighting with each other against the enemy.

Can anyone help??


but I have armada, and I can't find it there.. how do I get to it?