if you could design a wing commander game


When I could make a wc game

A cap ship simulator would be great. I always dreamt of a command over a carrier in the wc universe.

I mean u could start as a naval 2nd lieutenant as a second in command on a small corvette.

Rising through ranks till becoming commodore or even rear admiral in command over a carrier or maybe even a small task force (one carrier, two cruisers, 4 destroyers and so on).

Your task would be to command the bridge crew of your personal ship and to plan the overall strategy for your task force (which sector and system to jump to for example).

The next step would be tactics (In which order should ships jump, in which order should fighters deployed, which formation should capital ships have and so on).

The game would allow a lot of multiplayer possibilities as well (imagine a task force of 8 ships each under command of a different player).

The game would be less of a fighter simulator and more of a three dimensional strategy game...