I was bored and I had a crazy idea...


It would take a lot of work, but I was playing TacOps with a friend, and while I was waiting for him to finish his turn, I was folding a Paper Commander Dralthi.

My friend and I think it would be and interesting combination to play play TacOps with paper commander ships, though it would be extremely hard to do...(finding a place/making all the hexes, and ships.)

Even though we don't have all the ships in paper commander, I'm thinking of just making enough for dogfights.

Its just an idea though...
I've also got a little Paper Commander Dralthi going, but its such a mission to put together, especially when you don't have glue nor instructions. And the smaller you get the harder it gets.

Now if you had a 3d printer... :D
Wouldn't that be rather big...? Just wondering. I know I couldn't do it anyway, I'm all thumbs when it comes to modeling. That's why I just printed out some ships (viewed from top down), and then my wife put them on some rigid PVC stuff, glueing black foam underneath. That probably sounds pretty weird, but they're really nice, AND they're functional. Nothing you'd want to mass produce, but it's excellent for playtesting! :)
If Pericles has versions that are scaled down enough they certainly would make markers. But I refrain from such fiddle work. :)