I know, another "can't start gemini gold thread," but please help.


Hi there, when i load the games it starts to load the screen goes black as if it is going to come up with the openbing sequence but then there is a box that appears that says it has encountered a problems and needs to close. any idea as to why it will not load i have tried loading it different ways, downloading it again but still the same problem so it must be some setting wrong with my computer. as i am not a computer whiz i do not know what to do.

any help would be very much appreciated.

my system specs are:

2ghz processor athalon XP

1.5 gig of ram (ddr 333mhz)

5900 ultra geforce fx


John Cordell

Do you use the newest graphic drivers?
Have you altered your installation?
Do you have ~100MB free swapspace on the partition where you play the game from?


yep everything else runs fin from that drive, i have a 3 gig swap file for the drive. i think iut might be to do with windows as a few other things wont load once i have installed them. thanks for the advice