I can't beat Three Seltek Drones


I am at the end of the first campaign, where I am on the mission to destroy the drone for Admiral Terrell.

I have read aboutthis bug whereby the drones multiply into three, if you save the mission. So I deliberately saved my position just BEFORE accepting the mission.

Nevertheless, every time I go up against the drone, it splits into three.

A couple of times, I have been lucky enough to be able to destroy one of them, though it takes for ever firing at it with the boosted seltek weapon. But sooner or later one of the other two always manages to destroy me. This is assuming I don't get destroyed by stray shots from the confed fleet first.

This is just too difficult. Does anyone have any tips for me?

Alternatively, are there any cheats I can use? I realize that using cheats is, well, cheating, but ... at this point I'm not trying to defeat the game really, I'm just trying to get around a bug in the game.

PS: tried to register at the other forum,


but it wouldn't give me the option of setting a password. Someone tell the admin there that user Appendage is without a pw, it would be appreciated.
I can't directly help with your problem, but I do know that providing your save file would be very helpful to someone who can help.
it's been a while so I don't remember exactly how to do it, and I'm not at home to check the files, but there is a spread sheet type file that holds your ship stats. it can be edited to make you basically invincible
yeah, I cheated, mainly because I was playing it to replay the plot since I never did get righteous fire when it originally was out and was having issues getting Privateer to work on my pc. I think I increased my armor and shield stats as well as my recharge rate so that I could fire almost forever before my power started draining