I don't know what the title is supposed to mean...

But Howard, Brad and Joel are still around as for the status of the project, I'm not sure, but they definitely still check the CIC regularly.
It's funny you mention the Vega Strike Engine, because it actually wrote me an e-mail itself about a month back telling me it had already written Pioneer and done it faster, and better than anyone in the universe could ever think of doing it. I think it's becoming something like SkyNet now.

Has anyone put any thought into placing the assets that Howard's developed, converted and packaged them for use with the WCSAGA modded FSO engine (3.6.12). Assuming one could acquire his permission. I don't know about you guys but the vega strike engine, while being the best "free" engine for open universe environments, has always felt a little "off" during spaceflight. I can't put my finger on it but neh, it's like ai ships move wrong or something. Does this make any sense to you guys or am I talking out the other end?
Well, there are quite a few facts to know:

- Howard's models rock. No, really, they are great and I would love to see them converted to about any engine possible.
- They have a lot of polies IIRC, and I think it would be hard to get those in the FSO engine of Saga without major problems.
- Howard wants to use his cool models in his own engine for his own mod. I wouldn't be mad at him if he refused to share his models with another mod. Every modder does that, because there will be people who play your mod because you have those awesome ships, and if you give them somebody else this exclusive coolness isn't there anymore.
- The WCS team does in fact have its own cool models, and those were done for FSO, so they work and look good in the engine. They are also well compatible with each other because often they use the same texture sets.

So if you look at the points I stated above it is rather unlikely that it will happen.
....although it would be quite cool to have Howard's Exeter or Bengal, for example...
Has anyone put any thought into placing the assets that Howard's developed, converted and packaged them for use with the WCSAGA modded FSO engine

No, because no one hates the Pioneer people quite that much, if at all.
I was just looking through his models and I saw huge potential there. All of the ships look exquisite. A vision came to me when I saw them of a holy pilgrim war project and the capships would be great in a WC1 remake. The only engine I'm really familiar with is the FSO engine (FRED included) and the Homeworld 2 engine hence my suggestion. It's just a shame that those beautiful vessels are just sitting collecting dust. Has anyone heard from this coder who is working on the engine, I do have some experience in coding but it's self taught and C language only. And any self respecting WC fan has already played just about every mod that is WC-related so when/if pioneer does eventually come out everyone in the community will play it anyway. I have never tried my hand at modeling so I don't know that much about that side of things. What do you think Howard, would you be willing to share your models with another project If I can get one started. Or put me in contact with your coder if he/she needs help. Learning a new coding language would take relatively no time at all and since I'm retired now I have a great deal of time on my hands.... And don't snap at this because it's something that I haven't looked into at all but it's just a thought. Has anyone gave any thought to the Darkstar One engine? It has to be a far sight better than the vega engine as far as open world engines go but there's probably some limitations working with a closed-sourced engine if it's anything like Homeworld 2.
To be serious for a moment, it's now eight more months since any post at all in this forum, and I think we would like to at least hear a "Hey, we're still alive" from the developers.