HW2 mod


For some reason that thread makes a chill go down my spine. Not a good one.

Edit: heh, well, maybe not. Tolwyn got involved and we got a mention, so it cant be 100% evil spawn.


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indeed ;)

actually, we already have one new member with certain HW2 modding experience. The thunderbolt should be available soon in its full glory (and with WCS textures) :D


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well i'm almost content throwing my modded crap in the recycling bin and letting BGS be all of WCS

everything i have gotten ingame is corruptted real badly... so if this weekend if things go again the same crappy corrupted shit as usual, and i'm gonna drop CL and walk, after holding my self on for 3 years and finally getting to get to work, and it working, but coming up majorly corrupted.

basicly i really dont care what happens, cause if it works, great i have to move on and work more, if it doesn't fine screw it i'm out.

So tolwyn monday, if it works, you'll see a update on the main site.

if it doesn't it'll be showing 1 thing, a link to the BGS site