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Freelancer Mod Released!

Thanks to The Amazing TC Man and, the pre-alpha version of The Reckoning: A Wing Commander Privateer Mod for Freelancer is ready for download!


This is the experimental, pre-pre alpha, seat-of-the-pants release. In other words, although things should be mostly stable, there are still a host of niggling problems (read: bugs) that keep it from achieving full potential. Be liberal with the C&C - we don't have enough. There's a thread pending in the Using Mods Help forum that should serve as a kind of troubleshooting ground.

This SHOULD work with FLMM or any of its contemporaries, but I've had problems running it on my computer with it (or any other mod, for that matter). The biggest problem is the ship cmps - they don't react well to mod managers. Since they don't overwrite anything, I've split the mod into two parts. Copy the Freelancer folder to wherever you installed the game, and the Freelancer Mod Manager to the other one. If all goes well, everything should work correctly.

As of yet, there's not much of a readme yet. This file is for listing all the various changes which should be apparent in the IDS, but aren't because the IDS hasn't been implemented yet.

* denotes model not yet implemented

Patriot - Stiletto
Defender - Gladius
Rhino- Tarsus*
Anubis - Pepper

Cavalier - Banshee*
Crusader - Vindicator
Clydesdale - Galaxy*

Drake - Epee
Dragon - Sabre
Drone - Broadsword

Banshee - Bearcat*
Valkyrie - Crossbow*
Humpback - Free Trader

Starflyer - Talon
Startracker - Ferret
Hawk - Hornet
Falcoln - Rapier
Eagle - Centurion

Legionnaire - Dralthi*
Centurion - Gothri
Titan - Jalthi

Bloodhound - Arrow
Wolfhound - Thunderbolt

Dagger - Razor
Dromedary - Drayman*
Stiletto - Scimitar
Sabre - Raptor

Piranha - Demon
Barracuda - Hellcat
Hammerhead - Orion*


Heavy Starbeam - Laser
Skyrail - Mass Driver
Pyros Type 1 - Meson Blaster
Warrior Mk. 1 - Particle Gun
Disinfector - Neutron Gun
Vampire Mk. III - Tachyon Gun
Barrager - Ionic Pulse Cannon
Lavablade - Plasma Gun
Lavablade - Fusion Gun
Javelin - Dumbfire
Stalker - Heatseeker
Moonstalker - ImRec
Sunstalker - IFF
Starkiller - Photon Torpedo

Light Fighter Gravitons Shields Lvl.1-7 - Generic shields, work for any ship.
Thruster - Afterburner

Starflier Power Plants Lvl.1-7 - Generic power plants, work for any ship.
IDS??? $1000 = Plasteel Armor, multiplies HP by 1.1
IDS??? $1500 = Tungsten Armor, multiplies HP by 1.2
IDS??? $2000 = Isometal Armor, multiplies HP by 1.6


Lead Modelers: Tolwyn, Stannum

System Artist: Stryfe

Stats: Bob McDob

Contributors: Cam (Centurion model), DMJC (Orion, Tarsus, Galaxy), Eder (Talon, Gothri, Stiletto, Rapier, Raptor, Gladius, Free Trader), The Unknown Enemy Team (all the placeholder textures ... we'll change them soon, I promise), (textures for the Stiletto), Mephistopheles (wing textures for the Epee), Steele (Arrow model), Kruer & Scheherazade (Broadsword model, Thunderbolt model), Howard Day (Hornet model), CptEisen (Hellcat & Demon converter)

Official Cheerleader: sp00n

Special Thanks: The Lancers Reactor news team, for making that dumb April Fool's update that inspired our name

HCl, for making all those tech tools without which nothing would ever happen. Ever.

PopsiclePete, for taking the time out to register at our boards and take interest in our project.

Hadrian, for agreeing by default to do all our art.

Bandit LOAF, who didn't really contribute anything, but whose vast positronic brain made formulating the plan a little easier. Also, for unbanning me from the WCCZ Forums.

ElectricBrain, for updating LancersReactor about the Project.

TC, for reminding Chris Reid to update WCNews about the project.

Chris Reid, for actually updating WCNews about the project.

Mom and Dad


And of course. Chris Roberts, without which none of us would exist today.

Thank you, and to all a good night.

Bob McDob
fine... I'll have the website updated soon.

for all who do not know it is located here:

can somebody make several screenshots for me? I am very busy with Wing Commander Saga and can't do that on my own.

Best Regards Tolwyn
Been around the WC Revival sites a lot lately, and really like what I see. But Freelancer...

I've been playing these kinds of games since Elite first came out on the C64/Atari. I'm permanently set in the joystick flight camp. Does anyone know if there's a joystick patch or mouse-swap out there for Freelancer? I'd pick it up then, but not until.
Not that I know of - but then, FL isn't really a game suited to the joystick. It's tailored for the mouse, and everything that implies.
Yeah, i can guess that everyone in DA,M$ and Bob McDob himself are worried because you won´t play Freelancer.
I was a bit skeptical about the mouse interface too. Part of me would still like to have joystick support. However, I really like how they implemented it. And folks who have played would probably agree, players using a joystick would be at a disadvantage against folks using a mouse.

Dragon- Download the demo and try it out. That's what I did. It really sold me on the mouse interface. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it either. IMO the joystick issue shouldn't preclude people from trying it out because Freelancer is one of the few games made anymore that is worth the money.
Dragonflight said:
Too bad. Probably never play it then...
Come on give it a try, at least the demo. I started using a mouse back when WC3 first came out, and my flying is much improved. In fact the only game I would acually use a joystick on was the Descent series, and that was only because I had a really groovy CH F-16 combat stick with a bunch of hat switches so I could map my slide controls.
Using a mouse just seems more natural for me.
Not even having the option to use a joystick rankles, particularly while playing the game and saying to yourself, "Why am I not given the choice to fly with the right hand and mouse with the left?"

I-War lets you use both controllers at once, the joystick for flying and the mouse for manipulating the map. Makes sense to me.

As The Count from Sesame Street would say, "One, Two, Two hands! One, Two, Two Game Controllers!"

DA could learn a lot from Sesame Street.

I'm glad I bought FL used -- I would hate for DA to make a cent from me for putting out this substandard, broken, incomplete non-joystick-supporting garbage.