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The WC movie was released in Hungary under the title 'Wing Commander - Az űrkommandó' in September of 1999... Beyond that we really don't know much about that release. We've previously come across some minor tidbits on the film. A WCNews reader once sent us pictures of his theater ticket stubb, and LOAF once ordered a promo booklet for the film that was released in Hungarian... and that's about it.



So I decided to do a little more hunting. I had previously found the website of the company that released the movie in Hungary ( ) but no success in finding any info on their site. I can't even tell if the movie officially had a DVD release in the country. I came across this DVD coverÛrkommandó_hungarian.jpg a while back. It looks kinda official but the font feels like something homemade, so I assumed at the time it was a fanmade cover, but now I'm not so sure.

Here's the recent results of my latest search. It appears there was at the very least a VHS release of the film in Hungary:

From appearances, it looks like the Hungarian version was dubbed as well:

Here is the Hungarian voiceover cast:

Blair - Dévai Balázs
Angel - Kéri Kitty
Maniac - Kálloy Malnár Péter
Paladin - Vass Gabor
Gerald - Csernák János
Tolwyn - Barbinek Péter
Forbes - Liptai Claudia
Obutu - Hankó Attila
Wilson - Áron Laszlo
Falk - Szokol Péter
Sansky - Szersén Gyula

Other voice talent (unknown which roles they played)
Csuha Lajos
Holl Nándor
Kapácsy Miklós
Kardos Gábor
Németh Gábor
Szatmári Attila
Uri István

Amidst all this I did pull up a really small image of the Hungarian poster

It does look like the movie airs periodically on TV in hungary:

If you can help us out with more info on any of the many different language releases of the WC movie, not just Hungarian, let us know.
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