HTL PBM Archives site updated


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This was mentioned on the Aces board, but I think it's relevant to mention it here as well.

The HTL Archive has received an up-to-the-minute update, as well as having received (get this) 2 chapters that were listed in the Chapter Listings but were glaringly *missing* from the actual content of the webpage (meaning, if you clicked on the link from the directory you'd get a page error). Numerous people pointed this out on the guestbook over the past few months but these have been corrected... and the archive is now up to date.

Check it out here:

- Neo
Re: And again

As I said before, a very nice job on the site, Neo. I did plug the update on the CIC frontpage with our latest story, but I forgot to post it here.

Best, Raptor
Gave it the first proper update in about 10 years... 52 chapters uploaded. It's now up to date.

Now for the conclusion.
I wonder how close to completion the story is. Does anybody know if the final four Nifielheim chapters are completed yet?
Hey Neo I would be more than happy to help finish something we started so long ago. If you are up to it.
Such a shame, two of the websites are completely gone....forever...without a trace. Not even has a working backup.

(referring to the Yorktown and Endeavor websites... the other three are amazingly still fully operational and are quite will made in addition to being excellent companion resources)
I am hoping to be able to find somewhere I can download the entire story arc of HTL as I may be deployed again and wont be able to get online to read it does anyone know where I could find it as the links on the chapter pages don't work