HTL Chapters on The CIC


Hey all, Raptor here.

I'm sure that you've noticed there haven't been any HTL chapters posted at the CIC for the last month, in which time we've sent out three chapters via the Aces mailing list. The reason is that the HTL archives, which we normally link to the CIC, haven't been updated in a while. The CIC staff very kindly converted the last few chapters that we did post here to HTML format. It was a hell of of lot of additional work for them though, and it wasn't something that could continue indefinitely. For that reason, it's been decided to suspend posting HTL chapters here for a while. It's something that I'm quite sad about, as we've been publishing here at the CIC for well over an year, but I don't see any alternative.

To minimise the disruption to HTL readers, I've got a few requests. First, could all those who wanted be added to the Aces Club mailing list please contact me via e-mail? I'll add you to the list and you'll keep recieving chapters as normal. My address is

Second, could those who want want to read the three missing chapters please mail me about that? I'll create a temporary mailing list for you guys and send you those chapters.

Last but not least, if there are people here who are good with HTML and would like to help HTL out, please reply on the board. If you're interested in working with the Archives, that would be idea. Alternately, if you're able to convert word documents to HTML so that they can be linked to the CIC, that would also be a great help. If you are able to HTMLise one chapter per fortnight, it would get HTL chapters back on the CIC as soon as possible.

Best, Raptor