How to edit UE Ships

You will need treman, WCPedit, and tremake.

Make three new folders for each of the ueships#.tre. Decompile each tre into a separate folder and edit the ship iffs you wish to change. Once you are statisified, use tremake to create a new tre with all the ue files for that particular ueships#.tre file.

Just one more thing, make a backup of the original tre that you alter. If you have any problems, just ask.
Treman is a tool to extract the .tre files.

SO ships use 3 types of files:

shipname.iff (in the ship directory) is the ship stats
shipname.iff (in the mesh directory) is the model itself
????????.mat is the texture file

What you are looking for is shipname.iff (from the ship directory). Just extract it from the tre and use wcpedit or wcppas to edit it.
No need to mess wit the mesh or mat, unless you're changing the model or the textures.
You can find treman from my page, look for it in the tutorials. The link to it is in the ship conversion tutorial I believe.
In Pete's page, which seems to be offline or moved... :(
Cant seem to find it too.
I could upload it at my site later, unless anyone have a problem with it?
I'm having trouble creating a new tre the tremaker keeps saying (Tremake has caused an error in TREMAKE. EXE.) and when I use traman I follow what it says and then it says it cant wirte what am I doing wrong?
Try running the following in thr dos prompt:
attrib (insert tre filename here).tre -r

This should allow you to use treman to extract the files.
Are you using tremake correctly? I'm not sure if it would crash otherwise, but it's something to check I suppose...

You have to use it to make a whole folder, with subfolders, into a TRE file. For example, you have to take all the folders that contain your modified files (ie: \mission, \mesh, etc) and put them inside a "mymod" folder... and place that "mymod" folder inside the folder tremake is in. Then you run "tremake mymod.tre mymod"... it takes all the stuff inside "mymod" and makes a TRE from it (while keeping the files' additional path info... so whatever was in \mymod\mission will be saved in the TRE's \mission, etc).
I site cant get it to work I put all the files "pal,mesh,mat,ships" into one folder and but it the folder with tremake and all that happens is it flashes and nothing why is it so hard to edit the ships or is it just me
I put all the files in one folder like I was told but it still don’t work I don’t know what I’m doing wrong can someone help me (sorry about my bad spelling I’m a Very Bad speller) can you tell me step by step how to edit the ship file I got as far as editing the ships that I what to edit by I can’t recompress the files
1. You put the files all into one folder. Keep in mind, this folder should contain subfolders inside - for example, if you want to put ship files in, they should be inside the "ships" subfolder.

2. Enter the DOS prompt, and go to whereever you've got Tremake.

3. Run Tremake: Tremake <trename> <directory>. So, for example, if you wanted to put the contents of the folder f:\wc\st_patch into a file called st_patch.tre, you would run Tremake with the following command line:
tremake st_patch.tre f:\wc\st_patch
...And if this file was to contain ship files, you would put them into f:\wc\st_patch\ships .