How do I


How do I delete or uninstall stuff from my dos area. I mean I need to make room in my dos area for better W.C. gameplay

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I think you mean that you don't have enough DOS memory. I'll post instructions on how to get the files you need to get more mem, but you should go to the Tech Support BB with this.

Here it is:

OK, We're going to get the files, and also create a shortcut to DOS at the same time, since you may need it. Click with your right mouse button somwhere on the desktop, a little menu will show up. Go to NEW, and another menu will show up, chose SHORTCUT, it should be at the top. A small window should appear. In the box under Command line type COMMAND.COM, and click Next, than click Finish. Right click on the shortcut we just made, and chose Properties. Than go to the "Program" tab. Click on Advanced. There will be a little circle next to "Specify a new MS-DOS configuration", click on it. The two boxes are now visible below it, one of them says Config.sys, and another one says Autoexce.bat, right click in one of the boxes, and chose select all, than right click on the selected text and chose Copy. Than come here, chose to reply to this post, and paste that text here. Than do the same thing with the second box and post it.

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