Historic WC3 Review Resurfaces (September 2, 2019)


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Heart of the Tiger found some old scans, including this neat PC Gamer review of Wing Commander 3. We've got WC4, Prophecy and many others in the archive, but my quick survey of things didn't turn up a WC3. Nevertheless, this is a famous article that's been periodically making the rounds for years, and with the game's 25th anniversary fast approaching, I wanted to make sure we posted it here. At one time, the 96% score below represented the third highest review rating in PC Gamer history. There were a great many reinstalls (print and digital) and retrospectives by the publication, but this was the original from the March 1995 issue. Brings back some fond memories!

I was rummaging though some of my very old HDDs when I found some very old(er) magazine scans. Enjoy!
Original update published on September 2, 2019


I loved computer magazines back in the day. I have a several of years worth of Amiga magazines from like 88 to 1994 and PC from 96 onwards.
It was surprisingly difficult to find imported English PC magazines where I lived in the mid 90's . It was only when one of those specialized shops turned up that I was able to gorge!
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Me too ! I used to buy the ZX Spectrum magazine until it ended and PC Format, i still have the Wing commander 3 review in one of them around 1994.
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