Help organize a Halifax (and/or Dartmout and/or Cornerbrook) Outlander screening!


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I figured this deserves it's own thread free of the discussion of the actual film's release. I was recently speaking to Howard McCain and we brought up the possibility of having a screening for those involved with the making of the film. THe bad news is that I can't personally organize this as I'm on the West Coast.

However, I've been doing some of the leg work for you. I think it's worth looking into and spreading word around to build interest. I wouldn't skimp on the theater though as you would want to make sure it has good projection and sound.
first off, here's what Howard had to say:

Howard McCain said:
1) Have to rent out local theater. Cost between 1000 to 3000 bucks depending on the theater and the day.

2) Chris Roberts has his own personal print – no need to involve Alliance and they wouldn’t help you anyway.

3) It would involve paying myself or Chris to fly with the print up there to screen it. Cost 1000 bucks total. (2 nights in a hotel and air fare)

So… I could imagine the cheapest way to do this would be around 2000 bucks. Someone would have to organize this and I don’t know who has the money – maybe the local film commission would want to. Still it could be fun and the locals deserve to see it this way.

So that's good news, though he's mostly right about costs, depending on when you want to screen the film. Plus, if we have interest for multiple screenings there could be a reduced cost if say, people in Cornerbrook Newfoundland were interested in having Howard bring the film up there. Also, that could be arranged separately from the Halifax screening if need be.

Anyway, now to the costs. I contacted Empire theaters (are there any other decent theaters in Halifax that you can let me know about please?) and here's what I gathered:

The "Empire 18 Cinemas and IMAX Theatre, Bayers Lake" location in Halifax is the best option. Fees are standard accross the board but that location offers the best flexibility.

Weekday rates are 300 dollars an hour. That means that for one screening with no panel discussion or anything will cost 600 dollars (that actually includes an extra 30 minutes lead in time) Weekend rates are as high as $1100 an hour increasing costs from 600 to 2200 for a screening. This means it's crucial that we determine interest in the screening and prefered time to see it. Personally I'd go with a weekday screening but then, I can't attend anyway. allowing for a discussion with the director after will require paying for an extra hour. That's 900 dollars on a weekday, and 3300 on the weekend. Mic rental is about 25 dollars.

At no extra cost, the bayers lake location has the option with one print to project into two theaters effectively increasing capacity from about 330 people to about 600. Locations like Cornerbrook don't have that option, and only seats about 280 people, so the per person cost goes up at those locations. We need at least a weeks notice to do this at the Bayers Lake location though.

Other considerations: The print needs to be there at least two days before. That might mean an extra Night for Howard or Chris in a hotel....

For them to fly from LA on the first monday of May for a wednesday screening and then returning on Thursday, expedia turns up a cost of anywhere from 1100 to 1600 for airfair, hotel, and car rental.

So a Halifax screening at 600 capacity on a weekday with a panel discussion after will run us about 2000 to 2500 dollars. Possibly tax needs added on top of this. That works out to three and a half to four dollars a person at full capacity. A similar weekend sceening will be about seven and a half to eight and a half dollars a person.

Now if someone is willing to fund the screening, it's definitely worth looking into and we can make it a free screening. Like howard suggested, maybe the local film commision will help out.
Ok, so good news! We have another option should whoever ultimately aranges things want to save a bit of money. It mean no panel discussion, But I talked with Ascendant Pictures and the'll ship the print to the theater if we cover shipping costs (and insurrance I presume). Now that in itself won't be cheap but it might be a lot cheaper than bringing Howard or Chris up. I think ultimately it would be great to have the option of the panel discussion, but just getting the print might make it more cost effective to have more than one screening depending on interest. What you can take from this though is that we pretty much have a comitment to send the print. That's taken care of. The only factor is money and someone to organize this on the Halifax end to make it happen.

Also, we're still trying to find out if there's a possibility of getting a print from alliance as that might still be cheaper if they have one.
Hey, sign me up...I'm there. Was on the Newfoundland set, love to come and see the movie ...I guess it's the only chance see it on the big screen.

I was wondering if it is possible to charge addmission to cover off some of the costs. If not, what about if one was to also organise a pre or post party that way admission could be charged there.
I was wondering if it is possible to charge addmission to cover off some of the costs. If not, what about if one was to also organise a pre or post party that way admission could be charged there.

I'm not sure about admission... If you have a party, I imagine you can do what you like at a party. I'm sure that a anonymous "donation" system would be just fine.

I actually need to Email Chris again. He was going to see if possibly Alliance might get involved. I don't have high hopes for that but They might have to be involved if you are going to charge for it.
I will make a call to the local CB theatre today to see if they have any plans already.

Well, it didn't happen before the DVD came out, but it's apparently happening for real! I don't know if we actual had any influence on the outworking of this or not, but It's a free screening I believe this thursday at the oxford in Nova Scotia.

It's either film nova scotia or actra or both puting it on and Howard McCain, Dirk Blackman, and Don Carmody will be there answering questions. It should be a blast. So if you are in the area dont miss out on what not only promises to be a space-viking-good time, but also possibly your only chance ever to see Outlander on the big screen in Halifax.