Rear Admiral
I need help on the mission wend the avenger jumps and retuen, I spend loke 10 minutes killing and the the avenger return with a vampire, wen I get back to my base aftwer a long minutes of AB there are millions of enemig ships there a I got on AB and I get killed fast

any Tip

You have to afterburn back thru nav path otherwise the bugs will know the location of the carrier and strike at it. Also you only need to burn until you are outside of the jump nav.

Plus, make sure you complete the nav 1 secondary objective otherwise you will return to a number of enemies.
You do not need to afterburn in the first place. Just kill all of the enemy fighters at a given time and you can you autopilot. You'll have to do this before the first Squid appears or it will be next to impossible. And yeah - don't let any enemies do a transmission on Nav1.