Hello, and Thanks!


Man, your mod is cool. I just found it a day or two ago, and am just getting into playing. The work you have done is nothing short of amazing. The graphics, sound..the entire prologue seems better than anything we have seen before, commercial included.

Hopefully, it's not dead, am I right? You are still going to release a full version, right?

Sure hope so.

Again, hello, great work, and hope to get to know you all.

Eagle out.
They've got bi-weekly updates, check out there home site if you haven't yet- www.wcsaga.com
Don't bother trying to get a release date from them, they'll never talk. Multiplayer for the prologue should be coming soon though.
Help out, of course. ;)

@ Houkiboshi

Go ahead and try learning FRED. It's really kinda easy. At least I have encountered A LOT of mission building tools that are really worse.

Last year I built my first mission in it, and it took me some... two days. (You start from a Starbase and have to scan transports passing by. Maybe one of them has illegal things in it's cargo..... Easy plot, just to test some events. Worked good for me.)

It isn't finished yet (I had to do other things) but I encourage everybody to try FRED and do some little missions. And if there are problems with FRED, just ask in our forums (or here if you like, although I think it is more effective to ask on HLP because there are a lot of FREDders there).

And if it turns out that you are a really good FREDder..... Well, give us something to look at, maybe we could use another FREDder.... ;)
There is a new FRED/exe build available too, which allows the usage of hard coded autopilot. It also fixes most of the formation issues. There are still a few bugs to get rid off though - cap ship formations do not work that well at the moment. It is possible to disengage autopilot at all times and there is an annoying bug, involving previously selected way point.
I really wish I could help you guys out, I have just started messin around with FRED, and he doesn't seem to like me too much. Plus I just started a job that works me twelve hour days...wish I was rich... the only cool thing about it is I'm making Titanium Knee replacement parts for people. It's nice to know I'm helping somebody.
Sounds great... Maybe I'll give it a try

I have a question about haliwali's mission... I mean, I was unable to really play it because it lagged like hell... Is it something about the mission or something else... The other missions run just fine
Did it? Nobody else mentioned lag. Wait now that I think back, there was a bit of lag for about 10 seconds when I first tried it out, but that went away.
As I have bought a new Laptop this week I finaly came around to give WC-Saga a try.

I realy enjoyed it, thanks for this great game. Looking forward to the next release and fan campaigns.