Happy Birthday!


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Happy Birthday everybody! Here's to the next year of success in the Wing Commander community.
On the first birthday, Frosty won a CIC T-Shirt.
On the second birthday, Frosty won a couple neat postcards and a ghetto CIC magnet which he loves dearly.
On the third birthday, Frosty won a 'Bag of CCGs.'

Here's to many more years of giving things to Frosty!
Originally posted by Ghost

I won a Confed Handbook

Have to work in a farmacy, good nite !!
No offense intended... but I wouldn't trust you to distribute drugs to me if you can't spell the place you work in... "pharmacy" :D
Happy Birthday CIC. I didn't win a prize since I wasnt' there, but I would of if I was there. I got something for the last 2. :)
The Confederation Handbook is a magazine that serves as the manual for the movie. It's a great read. It explains things about the Wing Commander Universe.
I missed the party... stupid work combined with time zones... but yeah, yay.


(Wow... these buttons above my post scare me)
Originally posted by Ghost
Make it so !!!
Make what sew? :)

Chalk up another year for the CIC. Happy Birthday guys and girls. And many thanks to all the CIC staff - it's very appreciated.
Happy Birthday CIC!

Thank you to everyone who makes this an enjoyable place for me to visit pretty much every single day to discuss all things WC and more.

Who am I kidding? I visit at least twice a day.