Happy Birthday LOAF! (April 19, 2007)

Belated Happy Birthday to LOAF

A little slow on the draw here, but a very happy belated birthday to you, LOAF!

May we all look forward to many more blissful years of Wing Commander education under your expert tutelage! :)
Happy birthday and many more fried Kats for you, LOAF. Glad you're here.
Happy Birthday, LOAF! :D


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Hey Gang,
I just wanted to thank you all for the kind posts. It's just further proof of what I've always said - that you're the best fan community in the world. You're good friends, and I'm happy to count myself among your ranks. You're the true reason Wing Commander is coming back -- and you don't know it yet, but you're the reason it's coming back to *stay*!
For a second there I thought you made a poster for LOAF out of macaroni pieces.

Hehehe, took me a minute or so too to figure out what it was too. Looks like a bunch of Concordia Class carriers arranges in the Homeworld WC4 mod.
He he, yeah that's correct AD. Unfortunately my laptop's Intel graphics accelerator is not capable of any anti-aliasing, so it looks rather jaggy, but here is a slightly larger Loaf of Connies. :)




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Hi Ben! Sorry for the delayed post...been on active duty lately and less able to check back in with the CIC! Really enjoyed our conversation regarding movie vs. game ships!

Happy Birthday!!